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Hush Little Baby

A/N: Almost done spamming, I promise. One more fic after this.

Title: Hush Little Baby
Disclaimer: I, [info]ladyknightanka, do not own Suits. If I did, we would have more fangirl moments, less awkward romances. Please don't replicate my silly work without permission. Pop-culture references aren't mine.
Warnings: PG for child abandonment and two instances of the word 'ass'. Is that enough for PG-13?
Other Notes: ~750w. Harvey/Mike + a baby. Flangst, but easy on the angst.
Summary: When a baby is dropped off at Harvey's doorstep, Mike has to assure his usually stoic lover that everything's going to be okay.
“It's a baby,” Harvey deadpans, as if Mike doesn't have a hundred eighty IQ. )