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An Icebox Where My Heart Used to Be

A/N: I forgot to link so many fic here and I'm sorry for how spammed you're about to get. >_< This is a two-part fic. The second part isn't done yet.

Title: An Icebox Where My Heart Used to Be
Disclaimer: I, [info]ladyknightanka, do not own Supernatural. Please don't replicate my silly work without permission. Pop-culture references aren't mine. Title is inspired by an Omarion song played constantly during my high school years.
Warnings: T for coarse language, animal romance and schmoop that will rot the teeth from your skull.
Other Notes: ~1200w of a Zoo AU. Adam/Michael and light implications of Sam/Dean/Castiel. Adam is a fairy penguin, Michael and some other angels are emperors, the Winchesters are polar bears, Castiel is a bird called a snow-bunting, Bobby's a walrus, Lucifer's a leopard seal, etc. Think Penguins of Madagascar combined with And Tango Makes Three. This chapter is standalone, but there is one more to follow.
Summary: Matters of the heart are difficult enough when you're a giant human, especially when race and class become involved. Try being less than a foot tall, blue and in love with the penguin royalty next door.

Humans say the truth will set you free, but if that's true, why is it so hard to speak it? Why is it easier to believe that humans are just a bunch of liars? )