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NOT Fic: Kind of a Goodbye?

First off, I appreciate this journal. I do. It was my first and it archived not only my fic, but my growth as a writer and a person. It's everything from my days as a seme/uke obsessed weeaboo to now. But, the thing is, I don't use it anymore.

I update all my fic on ladyknightanka, talk about my process and pretty much everything else there. It's becoming a bother to sign into this one and update here. I do it on the very small chance that some of you who aren't subscribed to the other actually care, but if you do, that makes me really happy. It does.

I just want you to know, though, that I probably won't update here anymore. I won't delete this journal only because, faintly embarrassing as it is, I am proud of how I've matured. You can friend ladyknightanka to keep up with my fic, if you're interested. Some of my main fandoms are listed on my current journal's profile.

So...bye. Unless you decide ladyknightanka is worth your while. In which case, YAY. *slinks away* XOXOXO


Thanks, bb. I just made it so long ago and I like the other one. Everyone I talk to is there. I feel so close to you all, where this one is like a distant memory. Thanks for understanding. ♥