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In a Relationship (But It's Complicated)

A/N: I finally wrote something different! Kind of! It's Gabriel/Castiel for morganoconner and...well, it's crack. Sorry. In my defense, the idea of a fusion between Supernatural and The Avengers wouldn't leave me be. XD

Title: In a Relationship (But It's Complicated)
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or The Avengers. Be very, very thankful. Please don't replicate my silly work without permission. Pop-culture references aren't mine.
Warnings: T for coarse language, implied sexual content, incest, angelcest, uncensored crack and other things.
Other Notes: ~2800w. Avengers fusion. Thor!Castiel/Loki!Gabriel, Captain America!Sam/Iron Man!Dean and mentions of Superman!Michael/Spiderman!Adam. There might be more someday. God spare us all.
Summary: In which homicidal tendencies are simply a staple of the dating process, the terrible younger generation of superheroes are all juvenile delinquents enthralled by their newfangled technology, and love is a more horrible foe than the worst megalomaniac. Also known as, how to tell when your arch-nemesis is courting a member of your superhero team before anyone dies.

Gabriel's facebook profile pops up. He calls himself the Pizza Man, claims to work in America's leading porn industry and is, no surprise, an anarchist. )