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Amicus Curiae

A/N: For [info]maja_li's awesome prompt. I promised 500-1000 words and failed. In my defense, though, I've wanted to write a real crossover between these two fandoms FOREVER. A prompt like this was my first on the meme. Thanks to my wonderful friends for the muses. ♥

Title: Amicus Curiae
Disclaimer: I don't own Suits or Criminal Minds. Please don't replicate my silly work without permission. Pop-culture references aren't mine.
Warnings: Bad language, vague mentions of serial killing (all original character deaths), kidnapping and violence, inadequate research done on topics, and more silliness than should be accrued to a fic like this.
Other Notes: ~5k. There's a fine line between gen and pre-slash in this fandom, so either could apply.
Summary: When the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit visits, Pearson Hardman falls into a frenzy. Donna and Garcia are goddesses, Reid and Mike form an awkward friendship, and Hotch's profile of Harvey confirms his already evident awesomeness. Oh, there's also a serial killer on the loose, but we'll get to that eventually.

"If the FBI is here, Harvey, I can't be!" )