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A Street Car Called Disaster

A/N: I've come to the conclusion that c8h7n3o2 is magical. That's why her prompt wanted at least three times more words (hopefully good) than the other requests on my birthday fic meme. Speaking of, if anyone else wants a fic from me, on that particular entry, my cut off date is this Saturday. Must move on, duckies!

Title: A Street Car Called Disaster
Disclaimer: I do not own Suits. If I did, USA Network wouldn't be asking ridiculous questions about Mike's love interest. Pop-culture references aren't mine. Please don't replicate my silly work without permission.
Warnings: Bad language, vague mentions of past character death and a side-character OC (not too dramatic, I promise).
Other Notes: ~2600w gen. Harvey+Mike friendship, though I suppose it can be seen as pre-slash (like most fics in this awesome fandom).
Summary: To win a brash racer's employment, Harvey agrees to participate in a dangerous street race. Mike is off-put by the idea.

"You're so epic, Harvey! You're the most badass lawyer ever!" )